50/50 Raffle • Food & Beer
Sign up your squads today and help raise money for Northern Nevada Math Club!

• Each team is guaranteed a minimum of four (4) matches
• Top team will receive a trophy and bragging rights
• Award to the organization with the most participating teams
• Award to the organization showing the most spirit


What ages is this event for?

This fundraiser is aimed at adults, however, there isn't a minimum age. This is a great way to spend the afternoon doing some quality parent/child bonding (as long as you can relax and have fun and not get overly stressed out about winning).

Will there be food available?

West Street Market has several businesses that serve food. There is also ice cream, beer, and wine for those so inclined.

How much math is involved?

You need to be able to count into double digits. No triple digit math or skills other than adding are needed. We GREATLY appreciate our supports with math-phobias who wish we had been there when they were in school.

I want to register and get the team rate but I don't have a partner yet. Can I get the early registration rate?

YES! Just enter TBD in the name spot for player 2 and enter your email address in the player 2 email address spot. You can give us their name later.

Our organization wants to do the register 5 teams and get 1 free. How do we register the free team?

There are 2 options:
Option 1) register your first 5 teams online and email your free team to Sherry@nnvmath.org
Option 2) send an email listing all 6 teams to Sherry@NNVMath.org and we will send you an invoice.

If we register 10 teams, do we get 2 teams registered for free?

YES! Register 15 and get 3 teams free! For every 5 teams you register you get a team entered for free.

How can I register if I prefer to pay by check?

Send an email to Sherry@NNVMath.org and I'll send you an invoice and you can mail a check.

Do you still have spaces for sponsors, how much does it cost, and all that good stuff?

Yes! Email Sherry@NNVMath.org and we'll get info to you today.

This is all great but when will this year's contests be posted?

Our schedule is about finalized and will be posted soon. The first contest won't be until mid-October.

Contact Info:

Sherry Griffin